The following hotels are available for the 3E conference:

Intercity Hotel Enschede
Willem Wilminkplein 5
7511 PG Enschede, Netherlands
+31 53 20 70000

A hotel opposite the train station and a few hundred meters from the conference venue. Rooms with breakfast. Can be booked until 20th March with this booking form. Bookings are to be made by emailing the hotel at

Standardroom €93,50 (+€1,27 touristtax) a night incl breakfast

Hotel Rodenbach
Parkweg 35-39
7513 AR Enschede Holland
+31 53 4800 200

A small family hotel at a 5 minutes walking distance from the train station and the conference venue. Can be booked until February by email at Mention ‘international congress’ as booking reference.

2 bedroom  €95 a night
1 bedroom €70 a night
Breakfast €12,50 per person

Hampshire City Hotel – Hengelo
B.P. Hofstedestraat 50, 7551 DG Hengelo
+31 74 851 6800

A hotel in Hengelo at a few minutes walking distance from the train station. This hotel is also on walking distance from the conference dinner location. Trains run about 6 times every hour and it takes about 7-9 minutes to reach Enschede station. Bookings can be done by email at . Mention ‘3E Conferentie’ as booking reference.

2 bedroom €79,50 (+€1,03 tourist tax)
Superior 2 bedroom €89,50 (+€1,03 tourist tax)
Breakfast €13,50 per person

In addition there is Hotel van der Valk Enschede

A hotel near the motorway A35. There is no special rate for conference participants but this can be a suitable hotel option for those traveling by their own car. Distances from the hotel to the conference locations are a bit longer. Public transport is also available to the conference locations (buses 8 times an hour). Booking online on the hotel website.